Our Story

Naturally Free creates organic, natural, allergy-friendly products suitable for all ages, hair (Curly, Wavy, Straight) and skin types (Dry, Sensitive, Oily). Feel and look your best without harsh chemicals and allergens that contribute to eczema, acne, rosacea, contact dermatitis and other related skin problems. Free of the top 8 allergens and more, you won’t find tree nuts, shea, coconut, palm, soy, wheat, gluten, sesame, egg, or shellfish in the ingredient lists. Also hypoallergenic and vegan, products are packaged in eco-friendly and aluminum free, reusable glass containers to protect the shelf life of the ingredients. 

Founder and CEO Jess Ok, MPH (Masters in Public Health) started the hair and skin care line based in the USA, while in college due to personal experiences with allergies and eczema. Many of the popular personal care brands contained at least coconut, palm (cross reactivity to coconuts), shea or argan, even if they claimed to be hypoallergenic. Through trial and error, over time becoming an expert label reader, she started formulating products that would not contain these common allergens. She believes that avoiding allergens is not only important by what you eat, but also what you apply on your skin. Naturally Free products have become a hit among those looking for allergy friendly products and in natural, ingredient conscious consumers. Products Naturally Free offers consists of moisture rich body cleansers, hair moisturizers and stylers raved by many. 

Weekly Hair Regimen 
- Wash with the Naturally Free Shampoo
- Deep Condition Hair with the Naturally Free Hair Soufflé.
- Dry hair with cotton T-Shirt for 30 minutes.
- Apply Naturally Free Leave In Conditioner, Hair Soufflé, and Hair Oil using the LCO or LOC Method, which ensures moisture retention. 

Daily Body Care Regimen
- Wash with the Naturally Free Body Wash
- Moisturize with the Naturally Free Hair Soufflé

For additional ways to use our products, please check out product pages. Check our reviews to see how customers have used and love our products. 

Naturally Free also has a mobile food app, released to the Apple store and is available worldwide for IOS IPhone and IPad devices. The app allows you to search popular allergy friendly brands and their food products based on your nutritional preferences and allergens. You can also shop our hair and skin care products on the app.

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We are committed to product quality and excellence.
-- The Naturally Free Team