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Olive Moist Deep Conditioner

Olive Moist Deep Conditioner

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For use as a hair deep conditioner, face, lip and body moisturizer/ lotion, or shaving cream.


Hair Benefits:
🌿Hair Deep Conditioner
🌿Moisturizer/ Butter
🌿 LCO/ LOC Method Hair Cream
🌿 Excellent for All Hair Porosity Levels
🌿 Hydrates and Repairs Dry & Brittle Hair
🌿 Seals in Hair Moisture
🌿 Combats Hair Loss, Dandruff, Scalp Psoriasis
🌿 Strengthens and Stimulates Hair Growth
🌿 Deep Conditions Hair (Protein Free)
🌿 Eliminates Frizz, Adds Shine and Slip

Skin Benefits:
🌿 Skin Moisturizer/ Lotion/ Butter
🌿 Shaving Cream
🌿 Post Shaving Cream, prevents itchiness
🌿 Lip Butter
🌿 Relieves Dry Skin, Acne, Eczema & Psoriasis
🌿 For all skin types and ages
🌿 Anti-Aging
🌿 Glowing, Silky, Soft Skin
🌿 Natural SPF 40



Why We Chose These Key Ingredients:

Cupuacu Sunflower

Olives heals eczema and psoriasis

Cupuacu provides long lasting moisture

Sunflower retains and locks in moisture

Full Ingredients:

*Cupuacu (Cupuacu is similar to Cocoa Butter), *Sunflower, *Olive, Vitamin A, E, K, Love & Healthy Skin (100%!)

*Organic Ingredients


For Hair:
*Deep Conditioner: Take a small amount with your finger and apply throughout hair to impart moisture into strands. Let sit for 15 min or more (steam, shower, etc) and rinse.

For Skin:
*Skin Moisturizer: After showering, apply to face and throughout body.

**Measure and record skin/ hair care progress every 7-14 days (pictures, videos, etc.) Use hashtag - #NaturallyFreeInc on social media for a chance to become a brand ambassador, win free products, prizes and attend special events

That silky feeling just means long lasting hydration!

Cupuacu (Cupuacu is similar to Cocoa Butter), Sunflower, Olive, Vitamin A, E, K, Love & Healthy Skin (100%!)