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Olive Hair & Body Moisturizer

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Naturally Free Inc.

For use as a face, lip and hair & body moisturizer, deep conditioner or shaving cream. Natural sweet fruity scent with no added artificial fragrance!


Hair Benefits:
🌿 Moisturizer/ Butter
🌿 LCO/ LOC Method Hair Cream
🌿 Excellent for All Hair Porosity Levels
🌿 Hydrates and Repairs Dry & Brittle Hair
🌿 Seals in Hair Moisture
🌿 Combats Hair Loss, Dandruff, Scalp Psoriasis
🌿 Strengthens and Stimulates Hair Growth
🌿 Deep Conditions Hair (Protein Free)
🌿 Eliminates Frizz, Adds Shine and Slip

Skin Benefits:
🌿 Skin Moisturizer/ Lotion/ Butter
🌿 Shaving Cream
🌿 Post Shaving Cream, prevents itchiness
🌿 Lip Butter
🌿 Relieves Dry Skin, Acne, Eczema & Psoriasis
🌿 Repairs cracked skin, heels & feet
🌿 For all skin types and ages
🌿 Anti-Aging
🌿 Glowing, Silky, Soft Skin
🌿 Natural SPF 40



Why We Chose These Key Ingredients:

Cocoa Pomegranate

Olives prevents split ends, softens hair + adds shine

Cocoa provides long lasting moisture, fade scars + prevents hair loss

Pomegranate strengthens the hair + reduces eczema & psoriasis

Full Ingredients:

*Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa), *Olea Europaea (Olive), Punica Granatum (Pomegranate), Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry), Passiflora Edulis (Passion Fruit), Vitamin A, E, K, Love & Healthy Skin (100%!)

*Organic Ingredients

No preservatives, parabens, synthetic ingredients, fragrance and dyes. In eco-friendly, 100% aluminum free, glass packaging. *Store in cool, dry place.


How To Use

For Hair:
*Deep Conditioner: Take a small amount with your finger and apply throughout hair to impart moisture into strands. Let sit for 15 min or more (steam, shower, etc) and rinse.

For Skin:
*Skin Moisturizer: After showering, apply to face and throughout body.

**Measure and record skin/ hair care progress every 7-14 days (pictures, videos, etc.) Use hashtag - #NaturallyFreeInc on social media for a chance to become a brand ambassador, win free products, prizes and attend special events

That silky feeling just means long lasting hydration!